JUNE 04-08
Jenn Libby The Art of Wet-Plate Collodion
Abbey Hendrickson The Art of Social Media: Creating and Maintaining a Social Media Footprint
Jason Bernagozzi
Video Installation: Navigating Space and Signal

JUNE 07-08
Douglas Holleley Intention and Effect: Choosing Your Words

JUNE 11-15
Bridget Elmer Free the Book: Self-Publishing with Open Source Software
Meredith Davenport
Making a Magazine
Liz Ronk Fundamentals of Photo Editing for the Web

JUNE 14-16
Ahndraya Parlato Photographic Conversations

JUNE 15-16
Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman
Methods and Place

JUNE 18-22
Ingrid Hess Artists' Books: Basic Bookbinding
Wendy Smith
Introduction to the Documentary Form
Tate Shaw
Photographic Sequence

JUNE 21-22
Rick Hock Drawing for Photographers and Anyone Else Interested in Mark Making Systems

JUNE 21-23
Richard Kegler Font Design in FontLab

JUNE 25-26

Gregory Halpern Twenty Photobooks I Love and Why

JUNE 25-27
Scott McCarney Bookbinding in the Age of Digital Production

JUNE 27-28
John DeMerritt Photography and the Book Form

JULY 02-06
Tracy Rudzitis Web Design for Artists
Keith Johnson The Extended Image Judy Natal Image • Text • Context




VSW Photo-Bookworks Symposium


VSW Photo-Bookworks Symposium | June 28-June 30, 2012