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Mary Ellen Bartley  

April 4 through May 6
Standing Open by Mary Ellen Bartley
Project Space

Bartley explores the formal architecture of the printed photography book as well as its evocative and abstract qualities. Using the Project Space and the VSW Research Center library, Bartley will continue her work on Standing Open, a study of splayed-open photography books. She will be working on a “book of books” eventually taking its place (somewhat like a Russian nesting doll) on a shelf in the same library.

Mary Ellen Bartley is known for her photographs that explore the tactile and formal qualities of the printed book and its potential for abstraction. Represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York, Bartley was chosen as a 2015 Watermill Center Artist in Residence. She lives and works in Wainscott, NY.

Keith A. Smith  

May 6 through July 1
Ladies First by Keith A. Smith
VSW Gallery

Keith A. Smith is widely recognized as one of the few great living masters of the book as artwork with nearly 300 bookworks created to date. This selection focuses on his representation of women in classical painting such as his large fold book, Ladies First, and a classic women painter, Frida Kahlo.

First Friday, May 6, 6–9pm

Join us for a reception with Project Space artist Mary Ellen Bartley and the opening of Keith Smith’s exhibition Ladies First. Free and open to the public.

VSW Film Series  

January 29 through May 28
VSW Film Series – Spring 2016
Programmed by Tara Merenda Nelson
Curator of Moving Image Collections

Join us for our Spring 2016 VSW Film Series. See film details below.

Saturday, May 7th, 8pm
Short films by Western NY Artists
VSW Auditorium

Projected in 16mm. Suggested donation $5. Part of the Spring 2016 VSW Film Series.


Saturday, May 28th, 8pm
Mare's Tail by David Larcher
Presented by Gordon Nelson
VSW Auditorium

"Mare's Tail is an epic film flight into an inner space. It is a 2-1/2 hour visual accumulation; it is the filmmaker's personal odyssey, the odyssey of each of us. The lines move into shapes which move into orbits and your eyes water into colors. The film becomes one of the most vital penetrations into the experience of seeing." - Stephen Dwoskin

Projected in 16mm. Suggested donation $5. Part of the Spring 2016 VSW Film Series.


First Friday, June 3, 6–9pm

Join us for our First Friday reception. Free and open to the public.

Dylan Nelson  

June 6 through June 25
The Nature of Pencils by Dylan Nelson
Project Space

Nelson's work involves a combination of image and book making with an underlying interest in how these images and objects are engaged, phenomenologically. In the Project Space he will explore displaying works old and new through methods of projection, sculpture, and installation with an aim of seeing image making, installation, and book making coalesce into one working practice.

Dylan Nelson cofounded Houseboat Press, a small publisher that has produced close to 30 artists' books since 2012. He currently splits his time between New York and Minnesota. Most recently his work has been exhibited at Aperture Foundation, NY and Boston University Art Gallery.

Photo-Bookworks Symposium  

June 23 through June 25
VSW's Photo-Bookworks Symposium

Every two years, VSW invites a dozen people to present serious ideas about photo books as artworks at an informal assembly we call the Photo-Bookworks Symposium. Besides the remarkable speakers, the audience at this gathering is likely to include many people as experienced in the field as those presenting, which makes for many dynamic and informal dialogues over the two and a half day event. Speakers in 2016 will include Cristina de Middel, Alejandro Cartagena, Philip Zimmermann, Adrian Octavius Walker, and Houseboat Press, amongst others to be announced.


First Friday, July 1, 6–9pm

Join us for our First Friday reception. Free and open to the public.