Submissions are welcome and authors are encouraged to discuss proposals with the Editor prior to submitting articles. Please email Karen vanMeenen at afterimageeditor [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Afterimage Style Guidelines [PDF]
Afterimage Writers Guidelines [PDF]


Ranging from 3000-4000 words, feature articles may be original investigative reporting or scholarly research; they may be biographies of or interviews with important media artists or critics; they may use an event, exhibition, book, video, etc. as a jumping-off point for a discussion of larger economic, political, and cultural issues. Use of endnotes is expected but not strictly required.

Like the feature in terms of prominence and scope, but more like the review in terms of timeliness and length (they range from 1500-3000 words), an essay may be written in a more “subjective” voice and it may be on or about virtually any subject in the domain of media arts and cultural criticism. Most essays are written on commission, though Afterimage will consider unsolicited manuscripts. Endnotes are explicitly discouraged.

Reviews are generally 850-1500 words. They may cover individual or group exhibitions, installations, screenings and performances; or they may examine one or more media arts publications. References should be placed within the text, though endnotes are permitted.

This section includes articles (850-1500 words) about particular conferences, symposia, film and video festivals, photo fairs and festivals, and other formal gatherings. A good report will provide both an account and an analysis of the event. Endnotes are discouraged.

Afterimage publishes news stories on funding, legislation, activism and institutional restructuring, as well as obituaries and other topics of importance to our readership on its web site. Although most news items are written by Afterimage staff, longer news articles (1500-4000 words) are occasionally solicited from outside writers. References should by placed within the text, though endnotes are permitted in longer news articles.

Much shorter than a review (generally 150-300 words), a note is a concise yet critical description of a single book, exhibition catalog, film, video, CD, or periodical.

Each issue, Afterimage invites visual artists to submit a portfolio of their work, which, if selected, will be featured both online and in our print edition, or as an online exclusive (see our growing archive of portfolios at Each submission will be reviewed upon receipt. Work that is not accepted for the current issue may be kept for future consideration. All other submissions will be returned after six months if not published. Online (preferred): Please send no more than 20 images from a single body of work (B&W or color, in jpeg or tiff format) along with a statement about the work for publication (200-400 words), contact information (including website address if applicable) to: portfolios [at] vsw [dot] orgMail: Please send no more than 20 images from a single body of work on a CD (B&W or color, in jpeg or tiff format) along with a statement about the work for publication (200–400 words), contact information (including email address) and SASE for return. Afterimage is not responsible for work sent without a SASE. Send to: Afterimage, c/o Visual Studies Workshop, 31 Prince Street, Rochester, New York 14607.


Afterimage features videos that relate to the contents of our print edition; e.g., that are socially/politically engaged, that push existing genres, that are experimental in content as well as form, and/or that contain perspectives challenging to the status quo. Submit up to 3 videos, no larger than 8MB each, as .mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4), or .mov (QuickTime) files, or as a Vimeo link. Name your video files like this: LastName_Number.FileFormat. Example: Smith_01.mp4. Send them to: afterimageeditor [at] yahoo [dot] com. Accepted videos will be posted here.

Inklight offers a unique opportunity for photographers to share their most compelling image, which, if chosen, will be included in our image gallery. Writers have the opportunity to respond creatively (no critical responses please) to any image in the gallery. Accepted responses will be published along with the original photographs here. Photographers: Submit ONE image with “Inklight Image” in the subject line. Please send your image as a .jpg file sized to 72dpi and 600px on the image’s longest side. Include in your email the title of the work and your name as you wish it to appear. Writers: Submit ONE piece of writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction) of up to 750 words or 25 short lines as a Word document email attachment with “Inklight Writing” in the subject line, and include the name of the artist and title of the image you’re responding to. All submissions should be sent to: afterimage.inklight [at] gmail [dot] com.

is a meeting of photography and prose designed exclusively for Afterimage Online. Submit your collaborative photo-essay as a package with permission of both author and artist. Maximum of 1000 words submitted in a Word document and 20 photographs submitted as .jpg files sized to 72dpi and 600px on the longest side. Submissions should be sent to: afterimageeditor [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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Style Guidelines
Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style and Webster’s 19th Collegiate Dictionary for style and spelling. Use open punctuation: i.e., the minimum of commas, quotation marks and other punctuation necessary for clear understanding of the writing, as well as a minimum of italics and capitalization. In features, give full endnote references, not footnotes, for all writings quoted or referred to more than cursorily, including the volume and number references for scholarly journals. Please include a one-sentence author bio at the end of your article. Authors who have articles commissioned for the journal will be emailed a detailed style and formatting guide that they will be expected to follow before submitting their articles.

Submission Formatting
Articles must be formatted in Microsoft Word and submitted as an email attachment or as a double-spaced hard copy sent to the office.

Afterimage pays $0.05 per word for articles, with a maximum of $300 for features, $150 for essays, and $100 for news, reports, and reviews. Payment is made after publication, not acceptance, and checks take up to 90 days to process. Feature and essay writers receive three complimentary copies of the issue; reviews, reports, and portfolio contributors receive one complimentary copy. Authors may purchase additional copies at a discount. Writers of features, reports, essays, and reviews will receive a complimentary subscription to Afterimage to begin with the following issue. To publicize Afterimage articles, we send tearsheets to galleries, publishers, distributors, and event sponsors.

Editorial Calendar
Download a PDF of our upcoming editorial calendar:
Editorial Calendar Volume 42
(July/August 2013–May/June 2014)


Current Issue, Vol. 45, no. 5

4 3 2 CRY: Fracking in Northern Colorado by Kathy T. Hettinga

Vol. 45, no.5

Xilunguine by Paul Castro


Image Text Ithaca Symposium

Film as Verb: Documentary Imperfection in the Post-Factual Era by Gabrielle McNally

Speculations and Inquiries on New Participatory Documentary Environments

Toward a Theory of Participatory New Media Documentary

Documentary Untethered, Documentary Becoming

Collaborative Documentary Practice: Histories, Theories, Practices


Silos by Andria Hickey and Matthew Chasney

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