Media Received, Afterimage Vol. 44 No. 5


Almost Nothing: Observations on Precarious Practices in Contemporary Art, by Anna Dezeuze. Manchester University Press/330 pp./$29.95 (sb).

Archive Everything: Mapping the Everyday, by Gabriella Giannachi. MIT Press/214 pp./$42.00 (hb).

Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature, by Christopher Pizzino. Texas University Press/231 pp./$29.95 (sb).

Asking the Audience: Participatory Art in 1980s New York, by Adair Rounthwaite. University of Minnesota Press/265 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Beyond Resemblance: Abstract Art in the Age of Global Conceptualism, by Robert Linsley. Reaktion Books/216 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Breathless Days, 1959–1960, edited by Serge Guilbaut and John O’Brian. Duke University Press/333 pp./$26.95 (sb).

Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance, edited by Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink. New York University Press/455 pp./$30.00 (sb).

Dying in Full Detail: Mortality and Digital Documentary, by Jennifer Malkowski. Duke University Press/254 pp./$23.95 (sb).

Imaging the City: Art, Creative Practices and Media Speculations, edited by Steve Hawley, et al. Intellect/279 pp./$43.00 (sb).

Keywords for Media Studies, edited by Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray. New York University Press/229 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Machine Art in the Twentieth Century, by Andreas Broeckmann. MIT Press/376 pp./$45.00 (hb).

The Multisensory Film Experience: A Cognitive Model of Experiential Film Aesthetics, by Luis Rocha Antunes. Intellect/204 pp./$43.00 (sb).

On Repetition: Writing, Performance and Art, edited by Eirini Kartsaki. Intellect/231 pp./$107.00 (hb).

One and Five Ideas: On Conceptual Art and Conceptualism, by Terry Smith. Duke University Press/152 pp./$22.95 (sb).

The Participatory Condition in the Digital Age, edited by Darin Barney, et al. University of Minnesota Press/304 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary, by Nicholas de Villiers. University of Minnesota Press/268 pp./$30.00 (sb).

The Systemic Image: A New Theory of Interactive Real-Time Simulations, by Inge Hinterwaldner. MIT Press/384 pp./$72.00 (hb).

Words on Screen, by Michel Chion. Columbia University Press/245 pp./$30.00 (sb).


In Most Tides an Island, photographs by Nicholas Muellner. SPBH Editions/309 pp./$43.00 (hb).

Machine Project: The Platinum Collection, edited by Mark Allen and Rachel Seligman. DelMonico Books/Prestel in association with the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College/313 pp./$49.95 (hb).

This Land: An American Portrait, photographs by Jack Spencer, with text by Jon Meacham. University of Texas Press/268 pp./$45.00 (hb).

Exhibition Catalogs

East of the Missippippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography, by Diane Waggoner, with Russell Lord and Jennifer Raab. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the National Gallery of Art, Washinton DC, March 12–July 16, 2017; and the New Orleans Museum of Art, Oct. 5, 2017–Jan. 7, 2018. Yale University Press in association with the National Gallery of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art/276 pp./$55.00 (hb).

Jimmie Durham: At the Center of the World, by Anne Ellgood. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, Jan. 29–May 7, 2017; the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, August 25–Oct. 8, 2017; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Nov. 3, 2017–Jan. 28, 2018; and the Remai Modern, Saskatoon, Canada, April–June 2018. DelMonico Books/Prestel in association with the Hammer Museum/318 pp./$60.00 (hb).

Marisa Merz: The Sky Is a Great Space, edited by Connie Butler. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Jan. 24–May 7, 2017; and the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, June 4–August 20, 2017. DelMonico Books/Prestel in association with the Hammer Museum/319 pp./$60.00 (hb).

The Two-Sided Lake: Episodes, Storyboards and Sets from Liverpool Biennial 2016, edited by Rosie Cooper, Sandeep Parmar, and Dominic Willsdon. Published in conjunction with the 9th Liverpool Biennial, July 9–Oct. 16, 2016. Liverpool University Press/317 pp./$19.95 (sb).

What They Left Behind: Photographs, by Richard S. Buswell. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Richard Buswell: What They Left Behind at the Montana Museum of Art & Culture, University of Montana, Missoula, MT, June 8–Sept. 9, 2017. University of New Mexico Press/72 pp./$29.95 (hb).

William and Vivienne Koorland: Conversations in Letters and Lines, by Tamar Garb, et al. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Nov. 19, 2016–Feb. 19, 2017. Fruitmarket Gallery/192 pp./$45.00 (sb).

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors, edited by Mika Yoshitake. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC, Feb. 23–May 14, 2017; Seattle Art Museum, June 30–Sept. 10, 2017; the Broad Museum, Los Angeles, Oct. 21, 2017–Jan 10, 2018; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, March 3–May 27, 2018; and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Nov. 2018–Feb. 2019. DelMonico Books/Prestel in association with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden/223 pp./$49.95 (hb).

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Current Issue, Vol. 45, no. 4

Shrukk (Knot) by Mudabbir Ahmad Tak

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment / Elliott Erwitt: Pittsburgh 1950 by Marjorie Backman

Vol. 45, nos. 2 &3

Citizen by Michael Danner

Shame by Elissa Levy


Image Text Ithaca Symposium

Film as Verb: Documentary Imperfection in the Post-Factual Era by Gabrielle McNally

Speculations and Inquiries on New Participatory Documentary Environments

Toward a Theory of Participatory New Media Documentary

Documentary Untethered, Documentary Becoming

Collaborative Documentary Practice: Histories, Theories, Practices


Silos by Andria Hickey and Matthew Chasney

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