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Afterimage Vol. 42, no. 4


Agitating Images: Photography Against History in Indigenous Siberia, by Craig Campbell. University of Minnesota Press/267 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art, by Arthur I. Miller. W.W. Norton & Company/424 pp./$35.00 (hb).

Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History, by Paul Gladston. Reaktion Books/318 pp./$39.00 (sb).

Contemporary Iranian Art: From the Street to the Studio, by Talinn Grigor. Reaktion Books/293 pp./$39.00 (sb).

From My Land to the Planet, by Sebastião Salgado. Contrasto/175 pp./$25.00 (hb).

The Image of the Black in Western Art, Vol. 5: The Twentieth Century, Part 2; The Rise of Black Artists, edited by David Bindman and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Belknap Press in association with the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African American Research and the Menil Collection/343 pp./$95.00 (hb).

The Imaginary App, edited by Paul D. Miller and Svitlana Matviyenko. MIT Press/279 pp./$29.95 (hb).

Imagining Paradise: The Richard and Ronay Menschel Library at George Eastman House, Rochester, by Sheila J. Foster, Manfred Heiting, and Rachel Stuhlman. Steidl Verlag in association with George Eastman House/287 pp./$62.00 (hb).

Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes De Monte Carlo, by Victoria Tennant. University of Chicago Press/244 pp./$55.00 (hb).

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands: On Classic Film Noir, edited by Robert Miklitsch. University of Illinois Press/242 pp./$28.00 (sb).

Last Words: Considering Contemporary Cinema, by Jason Wood. Wallflower Press/159 pp./$30.00 (sb).

The Multispecies Salon, edited by Eben Kirsey. Duke University Press/306 pp./$25.95 (sb).

On Slowness: Toward an Aesthetic of the Contemporary, by Lutz Koepnick. Columbia University Press/319 pp./$35.00 (hb).

Other Planes of There: Selected Writings, by Renée Green. Duke University Press/506 pp./$29.95 (sb).

Parallel Lines: Post-9/11 American Cinema, by Guy Westwell. Wallflower Press/208 pp./$27.00 (sb).

Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century, by Claire Zimmerman. University of Minnesota Press/393 pp./$35.00 (sb).

Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves: Vintage American Photographs, by Ann-Janine Morey. Pennsylvania State University Press/228 pp./$34.95 (hb).

Ping Pong Conversations, by Alec Soth and Francesco Zanot. Contrasto/179 pp./$29.00 (hb).

William Helburn: Seventh and Madison: Mid-Century Fashion and Advertising Photography, by Robert Lilly and Lois Allen Lilly. Thames & Hudson/220 pp./$65.00 (hb).


Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film, photographs by Matt Lankes, with texts by Richard Linklater, et al. University of Texas Press/196 pp./$50.00 (hb).

Bronx Boys, by Stephen Shames, with texts by Martin Dones and José “Poncho” Muñoz. University of Texas Press/221 pp./$50.00 (hb).

En Recuerdo de: The Dying Art of Mexican Cemeteries in the Southwest, by Bruce F. Jordan, with texts by Martina Will de Chaparro and Tony Mares, and with an interview by Bryce Milligan. Bison Books/156 pp./$29.95 (hb).

Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India, by Dan Eckstein. PowerHouse Books/160 pp./$45.00 (hb).

Kurt Cobain: The Last Session, by Jesse Frohman, with texts by Jon Savage and Glenn O’Brien. Thames & Hudson/142 pp./$45.00 (hb).

Minor Aesthetics: The Photographic Work of Marcel Mariën, by Mieke Bleyen. Leuven University Press/343 pp./$51.00 (sb).


Aaron Siskind: Another Photographic Reality, by Gilles Mora. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier, France, Nov. 28, 2014–Feb. 23, 2015. University of Texas Press in association with the Center for Creative Photography/199 pp./$65.00 (hb).

Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age, edited by Alona Pardo and Elias Redstone. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK, Sept. 25, 2014–Jan. 11, 2015; and the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm, Feb. 20–May 17, 2015. Prestel Verlag in association with Barbican Art Gallery/279 pp./$55.00 (hb).

Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection, edited by Emily Braun and Rebecca Rabinow. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, Oct. 20, 2014–Feb. 16, 2015. Yale University Press in association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art/381 pp./$65.00 (hb).

Inside Kingston Penitentiary (1835–2013), by Geoffrey James. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Inside Kingston Penitentiary at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Aug. 30–Dec. 7, 2014. Black Dog Publishing/175 pp./$34.95 (hb).

Stan Douglas: Mise en scène, by León Krempel. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Carré d’Art-Nîmes Museum of Contemporary Art, Nîmes, France, Oct. 12, 2013–Jan. 26, 2014; Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, June 19–Oct. 12, 2014; and the Irish Museum of Art, Dublin, 2015. Prestel/207 pp./$60.00 (hb).

Wynn Bullock: Revelations, by Brett Abbott, with texts by Barbara Bullock-Wilson and Maria L. Kelly. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, in collaboration with the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, June 14, 2014–Jan. 18, 2015. High Museum of Art in association with the University of Texas Press/196 pp./$65.00 (hb).


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Current Issue, Vol. 45, nos. 2 & 3

Citizen by Michael Danner

Shame by Elissa Levy

An Empty Field by Elisabeth Tonnard

Vol. 45, no. 1

Beyond The Drama by Saara Mäntylä


Image Text Ithaca Symposium

Film as Verb: Documentary Imperfection in the Post-Factual Era by Gabrielle McNally

Speculations and Inquiries on New Participatory Documentary Environments

Toward a Theory of Participatory New Media Documentary

Documentary Untethered, Documentary Becoming

Collaborative Documentary Practice: Histories, Theories, Practices


Silos by Andria Hickey and Matthew Chasney

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